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There are several activities that people like to partake in as part of their leisure activities. One of these is games. Online games especially have become a popular way to spend time. There are several games that people love, one of them being the clash of the clans game. This is especially interesting for those who do not want to play alone. This game gives one the chance to build up an army that will battle those built by the other opponents. Basically, one gets to build a village of his army and proceeds to train it. It has the most amazing features that will make it even more interesting. For instance, there are pumpkin bombs and even witches as the part of the clan to be built. There are other structures that make up for a real clan setting. These include mines, collectors and wizard towers.

The other amazing feature that the game has is clash of clans cheats. This feature enables a player to have certain advantages with which to win or better still enjoy the game even more. You get to invite other people to the game and he has to fulfil certain conditions to join your clan. They can even join the fun through Facebook.

There also is the shield feature in the clash of clans cheats. This shield protects you from getting attacked by other people for a

determined period of time. You also lose the immunity to come under attack should you go on the offensive while shielded.

The clash of clans cheats also allows you to manipulate the structures in the village. With this, you get the chance to

organise the best possible defence mechanism for the clan that you created. Consequently, when you have all your buildings placed closely together, the attacks on it will have a hard time as it will be better protected.

It is also important to have as many of your gems saved as possible. A lot of the time, there might be a temptation to use them

as you seek to build your army in a hurried manner. The game in actual sense is tailored to have you spend a lot of real money in buying real gems whereas with a bit of patience you can actually get them for free.

This may be done by clearing your area of trees and even rock debris. The other useful hint that players can do with is the need to be realistic. When you send troops to ravage another village and leave yours unguarded, the message you are sending forth is that of vulnerability. Therefore, in due time, you will find that yours too gets attacked. It is appropriate to have some soldiers remain on guard to keep opportunists away.

This game is especially interesting as it tests your skill against that of others. To be a winner, you need to follow the cheat hints that will keep you ahead of the other players.

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